On the set of “Frackers”

Shooting “Frackers”

On the set of "Frackers"
On the set of “Frackers”

We’re on the set of “Frackers,” a science fiction comedy shooting at a studio in Plano, TX.

This week, we’re taking you to the set of Frackers, which is shooting over the Memorial Day weekend.

The days are long, the cast and crew are working hard, but everyone is having fun.

On the set of "Frackers"

Listen carefully – I promise you can learn a lot from these interviews.

As the director, Jeff helps set the mood during the production. And the mood is good. Even with the long, demanding shooting days, the cast and crew have bonded and are having a great time.

Today, I’m an extra. I don’t have any lines – because I’m dead.

All in all, an interesting way to spend the Memorial Day weekend.

On the set of "Frackers"

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