We’re making our movie on the podcast

We’re taking you with us

I thought it was time to try something new. Here it is:

We’re making our science fiction film, “Planet Burlesque”, on The Sci-Fi Maker Show.

Planet Burlesque

What this means is we are going to podcast our production meetings, auditions, shooting, editing, marketing, the premier – everything!

You can be with us every step of the way.

Some of this will be included in the pre-recorded audio podcast and some will be live-streamed (on Facebook Live with video). Whenever we are live, you can interact with us via the comments.

For the latest information about “Planet Burlesque” and to watch our live streams, go to https://www.facebook.com/planetburlesque.

Are we the first people to make a movie on a podcast? If we’re wrong, the internet will let us know.

First, we make the short

Before we start working on the feature version of “Planet Burlesque”, we will produce a short film based in the world of “Planet Burlesque”.

“Planet Burlesque” – the feature version – is set in the present day and features three burlesque performers from a parallel universe who are stranded here on Earth.

The short film will feature one of those burlesque performers.

Our first pre-production meeting

This podcast episode is the first “official” meeting for “Planet Burlesque”. It is a pre-production meeting where William “Bubba” Flint and I discuss how we’re going to make the short.

Bubba created the movie poster for “Planet Burlesque”. You can see more of his work on Instagram.

Our plan is to shoot this in one day which requires us to simplify this as much as possible.

I hope to finish the script in a week or so.

I inventoried my production equipment and have the following:

  • Camera
  • Tripod
  • Lights – we might need to rent a small kit.
  • Sound – we might need to chase down a shotgun mic

Action item: I need to create a checklist for this project. Right now, I’m capturing everything in these show notes.

Our crew (for now):

  • Me
  • Bubba
  • Makeup artist

Cast requirements for the short:

  • Vampire burlesque performer
  • Female who does not look like the vampire
  • Male


  • Vampire costume – probably need 2

Special effect:

  • When vampire is transported to our planet/universe


VW van or bus
“Rusty”, the PlanetBurlesqueMobile
  • VW bus (Rusty Pete)
  • Second vehicle – might use my car


  • Exterior – street, parking lot or driveway
  • Interior – office, house, or studio

Once the script is complete, we will have our next meeting and will podcast it.

Please stay tuned!

As always


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    1. Thanks, Chris. We are hoping to secure out location and schedule our production asap. I’ll let you know.

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