Science fiction feature film “Cronus”

Cronus: A sci-fi film about memories

Cinematographer on set
On the set of “Cronus”

Derik Presley, a first-time feature film director, has a winner on his hands with the movie Cronus.

This project is an intriguing and entertaining science fiction film about memories with a Twilight Zone feel.

On this week’s show, I talk to Derek and one of the film’s producers, Laura McQuay.

Unfortunate subject of a memory experiment

They talk about the many challenges they faced making the movie.

Unlike many low-budget independent science fiction film¬†projects, they produced this movie with a sizable crew in the traditional “Hollywood” fashion.

Although this was his first feature, Derek has directed five short films, including The 82 Peddler, a film I really like with a steampunk feel.

Cronus crew on the set
Cronus crew on the set

The journey for this movie was long, but the results are impressive.

Cronus is on its festival run right now, so keep your eyes out because it might be playing in your town soon.

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