An end and a beginning

Transmogrify: to transform, especially in a surprising or magical manner.

Today, I’m transmogrifying Sci-Fi Maker.

This is the last episode of The Sci-Fi Maker Show.

This show’s purpose is to help you become better filmmakers. And there are some other good shows that cover that. I can recommend:

I’m leaving you in their capable hands and shifting my focus.

My new Show is Meditate with Mitch. This new daily show is about, ultimately, getting things done – whether you are a filmmaker, screenwriter, entrepreneur, student, or worker bee.

If you’re having problems getting your movie or script done (or even started), why not check out Meditate with Mitch?

You’ll find out how I have reorganized my days and priorities so I can do a daily podcast, make my movie, and still have time for a life.

Meditate with Mitch: one minute of motivation and five minutes of meditation – seven days a week. You’ve only got 24 hours in a day. Find out how to get more done each day while enjoying it more.

If you want to stay in the loop as we make our short film and our feature, Planet Burlesque, you can “like” our Facebook page and follow our progress there.

Stay tuned! We’re making our movie on the Internet!

Space Mitch

As always

That’s a wrap!


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