Update on science fiction comedy “Frackers”

Further adventures of “Frackers”: a science fiction comedy

In this episode of The Sci-Fi Maker Show, I interview Bennett Litwin, the executive producer and co-writer (with Adam Litwin) of “Frackers”.

“Frackers” is a science fiction comedy, set in another dimension.

Bennett Litwin on set of Frackers
Bennett Litwin (left) on set of “Frackers”

The cast and crew will be shooting at a summer camp for half of the film and back on earth in the second half.

We visited the “Frackers” set last November when they were shooting in a doctor’s office.

Since then, the cast has been finalized for the remaining shoots.

Bennett described the many methods they used to find the actors for the film:

  • Networking
  • Casting agents
  • Friends (including Facebook)
  • Casting director

The crew for “Frackers” came together over time and has, through some challenges, evolved.

Recognizing his strengths and limitations, Bennett wisely decided against trying to do everything himself and focused on building a strong team.

He lets his talented crew members do what they do best while he focuses on on tasks he can do well.

Write, shoot, and rewrite

After shooting last November, Bennett has done a great deal of writing and rewriting. He prefers to write for specific actors as well as their characters.

Red camera on "Frackers" set
Red camera on “Frackers” set

Bennett views the script as a living thing that evolves throughout the course of production. The writing is play for him.

The script for “Frackers” has gone through about 70 rewrites and Bennett expects a few more before they finish.

They are editing as they go, so Bennett expects the first rough edit about 30 days after the last day of shooting.


In a perfect world, Bennett would sell “Frackers” to a distributor for millions of dollars and move on to the next project.

This is not a perfect world.

They will be contacting distributors before taking it to film festivals. Festivals can be a beating. And they are expensive.

Take away

Have a story worth telling. If it’s just about money, go do something else.

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