Cartoon of steampunk guyShow us your science fiction videos!

We are always on the lookout for videos from the science fiction maker community. We will be happy to feature as many videos as we can. Send us a link to your video and information about how you made it here.

Robby the Robot animation

This was a quick animation test I created using a Funko Pop character.

How to Shoot Video using a North-Facing Window

I explain how I shot the burlesque cosplay contest using a free light source. I provide all the technical details of the shoot.

Burlesque Cosplay Contest

A short video of a burlesque cosplay contest I shot with my Canon 7D and 50mm lens. I used a free light source, the sun.

Beastgrip Pro Unboxing and Test Video

I unbox the Beastgrip Pro and shoot some test video of cosplayers with my iPhone 5s.

First Date with the Alien

What happens the first time a human goes out on a date with an alien?

Robot Girlfriend

One of our first videos. Over 70,000 views and counting.

The Sci-Fi Maker Show on Blab!

Charlie Kristine and I decided to do an episode of the podcast live and on video.

Sci-Fi Music video from a dorm room

This is a VERY early video showing a bunch of musicians recording an instrumental science fiction instrumental titled “The Winds of BAAG”. Bonus points to anyone who can guess where the title came from.

Lindsay, the Alien Hunter

Another early video. Stay tuned for the further adventures of Lindsay, the Alien Hunter!


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