We make a monster!

This week, inspired by Build-A-Bear,  we make a monster!

And you can help!

Zombie Mitch
This is sort of what I would look like as a zombie.

Writer and podcaster, Christopher Gronlund joins us this week as we create a monster out of thin air!

We didn’t create the monster I originally envisioned. But that’s part of the fun.

This monster – part man, part something else – could inspire comic books, a movie, a book, short stories – all kinds of science fiction.

And, now, it’s your turn!

We want to see what you come up with.

Create monster drawings, stories, comics – whatever – based on the monster we create in the show. Or make your own monster.

Share your monsters on Twitter using the #MakeAMonster hashtag. We’ll share some of them on the website.

You can use our monster in your own works – free. It would be nice if you gave us credit, but it isn’t necessary.

Bottom line: go out and create some science fiction. And tell us about it!

Find Christopher online

Before you go, do this!

Tell us about your science fiction projects here.

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Let the adventure continue!


3 thoughts on “We make a monster!”

  1. Something organic, originating on Earth, a “hybrid” of sorts. Humanoid – the origin was human. Swampy, with chemically catalyzed mutations. Never fully revealed. I’m writing that now. Only it’s not in the Pacific northwest. It’s in New Hampshire, in my backyard. It was born of a compost pile, and now smokes a calumet. It’s in my upcoming novel Meatful Things.

    1. Nice. Great details. I like the “now smokes a calumet” part.
      Let us know when you’re done. I’d love to read it!

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